Beirut, The Band

One of the people I was talking to about this show, actually asked me if I was going to Lebanon on Friday night. No, just Santa Fe. I’m surprised these guys don’t have more of a following around here being hometown heroes from Santa Fe. I mean, they’re all over NPR and Pitchfork, oh well.
I didn’t go to Lebanon to see them, I went to Santa Fe, to the convention center. Despite a 30-minute walk through the pouring rain, the venue was breathtaking and the show was excellent.

Simple gypsy decorations of blinking christmas lights were perfect under the gorgeous beams and nuevo light fixtures. The band mainly stuck to songs off their critically acclaimed new album Rip Tide. They showed a mastery of the intricate gypsy rhythms and the tracks translated well to the live show. There were a few of the older, more rambling chaotic Eastern-European tracks , but they were just sparing enough not to clutter the beautiful simplicity of Rip Tide. I think the lack of more rollicking horn tunes, was also due in part to frontman Zach Condon being admittedly short of breath from the altitude on his first set. It was a great evening, in a great space, I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to catch a show up there. The acoustics are top notch and the architectural features are splendid.


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